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Chun-San Wang

Associate Professor


Ph.D. in English, State University of New York at Buffalo , U.S.A
M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature, National Taiwan University

Professional Experiences


Journal Articles

1. “From Restricted to Unrestricted Expenditure: Body Economy in James's The Sacred Fount .” Chung Hsing Journal of Humanities , NCHU , 39 (2007): 401-440.
2. “The Eye and the Pyramid: The Economy of Death in Melville's ‘Bartleby, the Scrivener.” Chung Hsing Journal of Humanities, NCHU , 33 (2003): 381-404.
3. “Representing Death: Being and Narration in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying .” Chung Hsing Journal of Humanities,NCHU , 32(2002): 333-351.
4. “In God We Trust ONE: Exchange Economy in Henry James's The Golden Bowl .” Journal of the College of Liberal Arts , National Chung Hsing University , 31 (2001): 115-136 .

Conference Papers

1. 旅圖與意象的辯證:保羅‧奧斯特《月宮》中的國家想像與主體建構〉。亞洲大學外國文學教學國際學術研討會。台中:亞洲大學, 2008 。
2.〈慾望主體與倫理突破:以拜倫的《曼夫雷德》為例〉。亞洲大學外國文學教學國際學術研討會。台中:亞洲大學, 2007 。
3.〈國族想像與戀物癖:康拉德《諾思多謀》中的政經論述〉。說故事:敘述者‧序列‧場域國際研討會。台中:台灣敘述學學會, 2006 。

Thesis and Books

“Desire in the Later Novels of Henry James.” Diss. State University of New York at Buffalo ,1996, 1-224.
“The Problematics of Textuality in John Fowles's A Maggot .” Thesis. National Taiwan University , 1987, 1-102.