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Kun-Liang Chuang

Distinguished Professor


Ph.D. in Department of English, University of Southern California, USA
M.A. in Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Professional Experiences

Professional experiences
1. Chair, Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University
2. Dean, Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan Normal University
3. Director, Language Center, Feng Chia University
4. Dean, College of Humanities and Liberal Arts, Feng Chia University

Classes in charge

Postcolonial Discourse
James Joyce Studies
Teaching Literature
Irish literature

Conference Papers

1. “Teaching Critical Thinking through James Joyce’s Short Story ‘Eveline’.” Teaching English Language and Literature at Home and Abroad. Ed. Wen-ching Ho. Taichung: Feng Chia University Press (2014): 165-190.
2. “Appropriation and creativity in English as a lingua franca.” The Fifth Annual Asian Conference on Language Learning 2015. Japan: Kobe。2015.4. 30-5.3.
3. “English as a medium of instruction in Asian context.” European Association of International Education (EAIE). Glasgow: England. 2015.9.13-19
4. “New Perspectives in Tourism and Hospitality Education.” ESP Conference.
China: Sandong Oil University. 2015.9.24-28
5. “Teaching Creativity through Poetry.” The 3rd ESBB(English Scholars Beyond Borders) Conference. Taichung, Taiwan: Providence University. 2016.5.19-22
6. “An Outcast from Life’s Feast: A Solitary Elegy in Joyce’s A Painful Case.” Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 34 ( 2017): 93-106.
7. The Production of Joyce’s Works in Taiwan: The Cases of Translating Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man into Chinese”. The 26th International James Joyce Symposium. Antwerp, Belgium. 2018.6.1
8. (Un)translatability and Aesthetic Equivalence: Translating James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man into Chinese. James Joyce Journal, Vol. 25.2 (Winter 2019): 175-197.

Thesis and Books

1. Ireland is in my Heart. Taipei: Bookman, 2019.11
2. A Portrait of Life: Kunliang Chuang’s Writings and Paintings. Taipei: Bookman, 2018.7
3. Play with English. Taipei: Bookman, 2017.
4. A Literary Perspective on English Teaching and Learning. Taipei: Bookman, 2017.2
5. Dubliners by James Joyce. Translated into Chinese by Kunliang Chuang. Taipei: Linking Publish Company, 2009.