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Pei-Kuan Lin

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, University of the Incarnate Word, U.S.A.
M.A. in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, Universite de Grenoble 3, France

Professional Experiences

Instructor, Department of Business Administration, National United University
French Teacher, Chia-Yang High School
French Teacher,Tian-Ken European Center
Sales Representative in French-speaking Region, Gen Yao International Company

Classes in charge


Journal Articles

1. Li, S.-Y. & Lin, P.-K. (2007). Promoting English communication ability by talking: A case study of ILCAU’s “Easy Talk” program, Asian Journal of Management and Humanity Sciences, accepted in press.
2. Lin, P.-K. & Lin P.-C. (2007). Identifying the performance gaps between the workplace and the classroom, Takming Journal, 30: 55-78.
3. Lin, P.-C., Lin P.-K., & Chang, F.-M. (2007). Gender difference in technology perception: A case study of a college of technology in Taiwan, Takming Journal, 30: 1-14.
4. Lin, P.-K. & Lin P.-C. (2007). Professors’ and practitioners’ views on workplace competencies: Importance and Performance, Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 4: 207-246.
5. Lin, P.-K. (2006). Ranking business graduate competencies: Professors’ and practitioners’ Perceptions,Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, 5: 63-86.
6. Lin, P.-K. & Lin P.-C. (2007). Is There A Place for Ethics on Internet? – A Study of Internet Ethics Based on the International Lawsuit Case of Yahoo! Inc., Journal of Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 18(3):1-14。

Conference Papers

1. Lin, P.-C. & Lin P.-K. (2007)。Investigating the students’ perceptions of organizational culture of the Department of Business Administration at an Institute of Technology. Paper presented at “2007 International Conference on Workforce Education and Development,” National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan R.O.C.
2. Lin, P.-C. & Lin P.-K. (2007)。Exploring the relationship between organizational culture with communication, decision-making, and change management at a College of Technology in Taiwan. Paper presented at “2007 Conference on the Theories and Practices of Innovation Management,” VaNung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan R.O.C.
3. Lin, P.-C., Ho, B.-L., & Lin P.-K. (2007)。Organizational communication from a perspective of technology college. Paper presented at “2007 Business Management Academic Conference,” Nanya Institute of Technology, Taoyuan, Taiwan R.O.C.
4. Lin, P.-C., Lin P.-K., Chen, Y.-T., & Huang, K.-C. (2007). Investigating different leadership styles of high level human resources: The case of graduate institutes. Paper presented at “2007 Conference on the Theories and Practices of IHRM,” KaiNan University , Luchu, Taoyuan, R.O.C.
5. Lin, P.-K. & Lin P.-C. (2006). Reviewing internet ethics from Yahoo! case. Paper presented at “2006 Business Project Planning and Management Academic Conference,” Nanya Institute of Technology, Taoyuan, Taiwan R.O.C.
6. Lin, P. K. (2006). A Buddhist nun’s way, a leader case study – Dharma Master Cheng Yen. Paper presented at the 2006 Women’s Global Connection International Conference. Texas, USA: University of the Incarnate Word.

Thesis and Books

1. Lin, P.-K. (2005). Professors’ and practitioners’ perceptions of contemporary business graduate competencies. (Doctoral dissertation, University of the Incarnate Word). (ISBN No. 0542015021)
2. Lin, P. K. (1999). Analyse des problematique d’integrations du jeu de role dans le processus d'apprentissage des etudiants de francais a Taiwan. Master thesis. France: Universite Grenoble 3.